Thursday, April 3, 2008

Teens phone bank for Obama

Jonathan Yu/The SPOKE

By Sanjana Bijlani

Staff Reporter

ARDMORE—Many teens are always hooked on their cell phones, but instead of gossiping with friends this group of teens clicked open their phones in the name of presidential politics.

Fueled with pizza and the hope of making a change, the twenty-or-so students--many of whom can't vote in the upcoming election--sought to garner support and recruit volunteers for presidential candidate Sen Barack Obama. They met at the candidate's Montgomery County headquarters in Ardmore on the evening of April 3.

"If you can't vote, you have to do something," said Bea Abbot, a sophomore at Lower Merion High School. Most of these teens seemed excited and believed that they were making a change.

Some came to show their support for a change that they believe they haven't seen for the past eight years. When talking about why she came out to support Obama, Friends' Central High School senior Isabe Friedman said it was the first time she hadn't seen politics as "just a sterile machine." Lower Merion junior Emma Saltzberg believes that "electing Obama will send a message to the world that we're willing to cooperate with the international community and not just pursue our unilateral goals."

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