Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Michelle Obama Rally

Meghan Morris/The SPOKE

By Meghan Morris and Erin O'Neil
Staff Reporters

HAVERFORD—Michelle Obama, wife of presidential hopeful Barack Obama, spoke to crowds of college students and community members at Haverford College on April 15, one week before the critical Pennsylvania primary.

Michelle Obama, amidst calls that her husband is an "elitist" after he made controversial comments at a fundraiser in San Francisco, stressed their less-than-privileged childhoods and struggle to achieve financial security. Michelle Obama also assailed the No Child Left Behind Act, saying it is "strangling the life out of the education system."

As her speech came to a close, she reminded the crowd why she feels Barack Obama is different.
"There's something special about Barack," she said. "If we are going to thrive and change this nation, we need a whole lot of inspiration."

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