Friday, March 28, 2008

Kate Walsh speaks at Bryn Mawr

Sanjana Bijlani/The SPOKE

By Sanjana Bijlani
Staff Reporter

BRYN MAWR—After announcing that she was running on coffee and granola bars, actress Kate Walsh delivered a witty dialogue detailing her support of Sen. Barack Obama's presidential bid. Walsh, TV's feisty Dr. Addison Montgomery, attracted a largely young crowd, a sign of the campaign's efforts to reach out to the state's youngest voters.

Walsh was also met with a majority female audience at Bryn Mawr College on March 28, where she touched upon issues such as Planned Parenthood and a woman's right to choose, as well as tax cuts for the rich.

"It's imperative that our next President is a Democrat because a lot of people don't know that John McCain is not for women's choice," said Walsh, emphasizing the real change that she feels Barack Obama would bring.

"Barack Obama is the only choice…every person in this country is of special interest to Barack Obama," Walsh said.

Lauren Faber, a 2007 Bryn Mawr graduate, viewed Barack Obama as being "the transformational candidate of our generation and has the potential to be up there with figures such as Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr…I imagine us in 1968, picking up from there."

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