Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bill Clinton rallies at Pottstown

Elizabeth Hedges/The SPOKE

By Erika Fernandez
Staff Reporter

POTTSTOWNA line that stretched two city blocks had already formed, filled with people waiting to see former president Bill Clinton. Inside, the crowd started chanting "We Want Bill."
Clinton, accompanied by Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell and Congressman Joe Hoeffel, campaigned on behalf of his wife in front of a receptive crowd at the Pottstown Senior High School gymnasium March 27.

Clinton rallied the crowds by talking about his wife's plan for the economy and foreign policy. Part of Clinton's speech targeted the parents and students in attendance at the event--he concluded the rally by talking about problems currently facing the student, including student loans and the high cost of higher education. After ending his speech, Clinton, Rendell, and Hoeffel shook hands, signed books, and talked to those lucky few that were in the front.

After exiting the building, people waited for Clinton's motorcade in the rain in one last attempt to see the former president.

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